Moviemaking 101/201 Library

Of Curriculum Materials

                                                                Welcome to The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking, Moviemaking 101/201

                                                          Library of Curriculum Materials.  This comprehensive program focuses on the

                                                           fundamentals of moviemaking, giving students unlimited online access

                                                            through YouTube to the entire Moviemaking 101 movie library, Moviemaking

                                                   201 movie library, Exercises movie library and eBook.pdf.

                             This library of movies works hand-in-hand with the book, The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking, to illustrate the fundamental tools and techniques of moviemaking.

    The Moviemaking 101 movie library guides students through each of the four sections of the book--Editing, Grip & Lighting, Camera and Sound -- using cartoons, photos and videos to convey the basic elements of moviemaking including ways to use inexpensive lighting, grip and camera equipment.

    In an expanding library, Moviemaking 201 explains and demonstrates the more technical aspects of moviemaking.  Like ways to manually control how an image looks when using different types of cameras.  Each movie in the Moviemaking 101 and Moviemaking 201 library has a handout for students to follow along and take notes with key vocabulary words for the students to define and give a brief description of how each term applies to the moviemaking process.

    The Exercises library puts the fundamentals into practice.  There are skill building exercises to introduce the different elements of moviemaking, as well as creative exercises that will require all of the moviemaking skills to create a short movie.

    The eBook contains more detailed information on certain aspects of moviemaking, as well as some tips and tricks not included in the movies.  Together the book and movies

create an entertaining way for students to learn now to make

compelling movies on a limited budget using equipment they may

already have.

   The Teacher's Guides give teachers an overview of the

exercises and a full vocabulary list with definitions and applications.

     An 18-week and a generic Lesson Plan gives teachers ideas

for how to use this program to build a curriculum from scratch or add

to an existing curriculum.

    There you go.  Now, go watch a movie.

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